Stryker & Klein

Joey Chestnut

Joey Chestnut Joins Stryker & Klein to Share His Thoughts on the End of the All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet

The G.O.A.T. of competitive eating, Joey Chesnut joined Stryker and Klein to discuss quarantine eating and the plan being cooked up around Nathan’s annual Fourth of July Hot Dog eating contest.
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Nadia Bokody

Stryker & Klein Talk Sex Drives and DIY Sex Toys with Nadia Bokody

Australian Sexpert and Youtube star, Nadia Bokody joined Stryker and Klein to discuss low sex drives in quarantine.
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Ron Jeremy

Stryker & Klein Talk Wood with Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy is trying to save a tree that was planted by his father, the year he was born, from being chopped down. This isn't the first time this tree has needed saving, but Jeremy is determined to keep it from being its last.
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Ice-T Joins Stryker & Klein to Discuss His New Project

Ice-T joined Stryker and Klein this morning to discuss his new project, Equal Standard .
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Radio Recliner

Stryker & Klein Try to Get Radio Host Advice from Radio Recliner

Radio Recliner based in Tennessee is giving senior living residents the ability to take control of the airways. Naturally, Stryker and Klein gave them a call to get some tips.
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Paul “Bear” Vasquez, better known as The Double Rainbow Guy

Stryker and Klein Convince Chocolate Rain Guy to Eulogize Double Rainbow Guy on their KROQ Morning Show

Tay Zonday offered his voice to eulogize fellow internet sensation, Paul “Bear” Vasquez, better known as The Double Rainbow Guy.
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Charles Connor

Stryker & Klein Chat with Little Richard's Original Drummer, Charles Connor

Stryker & Klein had the chance to talk to Charles about his experience with the late legend, whom he met when he was 18 years old.
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Adrian Gonzalez

Stryker & Klein Talk Beer and Baseball with Adrian Gonzalez

Stryker and Klein were joined by former Los Angeles Dodger, Adrian “A-Gon” Gonzalez on the morning show.
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Louie Anderson

Louie Anderson Confirms on KROQ That He's Returning for the Coming to America Sequel

Stryker and Klein spoke with legendary comedian, Louie Anderson yesterday morning. During the interview Anderson dropped that he will be returning in the new Coming to America, due out by Christmas.
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Michael Yo

Michael Yo Joins Stryker and Klein to Discuss His Experience with Coronavirus

Stryker and Klein were joined by comedian Michael Yo earlier this week to discuss his battle with Coronavirus
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