Kevin Allie Jensen

K&B Podcast: Wednesday, December 11th with Secret Santa, Top Callers of the Year and LA Times Mark Potts

Open. What's Happening. Unique Christmas Songs. Secret Santa. Top Callers of the Year. What's Happening. Minutua That Annoys You. LA Times Mark Potts. Unique Christmas Songs. What's Happening.
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Greg Fitzsimmons

K&B Podcast: Tuesday, December 10th with guest Greg Fitzsimmons

Open. What's Happening. Kevin is A Great Spokesman. Pregnant Woman Has 4 Lovers. Ray J Interivew. Top 10 Beer Mug Interview Moments. Bad Secret Santa Presents. What's Happening. Greg Fitzsimmons. What's Happening.
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Kevin & Bean’s Toy Drive for Spark of Love

Join the Kevin & Bean Show at Their Toy Drive for Spark of Love This Week

Tis the season! Join The Kevin & Bean Show this Thursday at Culver City Fire Station #1 in Downtown Culver City at their Toy Drive for Spark of Love!
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That's My Jam Playlist - Westpark, Omar Apollo, Trans-X

We hear from a lot of listeners about the music we play on-air. We have no control over that so we created our own list of songs for you to check out. Here's a playlist of songs the crew from the show are digging out to at the moment. Some are new songs, some can be songs they just can't get out of...
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The B-Team Ep 86: Gene "Bean" Baxter

In this episode: An interview with the man himself Gene "Bean" Baxter, we play some of our favorite Bean moments and include your Afro Calls to Bean.
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VIDEOS: Adam Carolla & Jimmy Kimmel Help Send Bean Off On His Final Kevin & Bean Show

In Bean's final show on KROQ, former colleagues and friends of the show called in to wish Bean goodbye and good luck.
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KROQ DJs & Guests Wish Bean Farewell As He Leaves the Kevin & Bean Show

Ahead of Bean's last day on the Kevin & Bean Show, well wishes poured in on social media.
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K&B Podcast: Tuesday, November 5th with guest Jimmy Pardo

Open. What's Happening. Boyfriend Questions. People Are Dumb. Would You Take A Pill To Remove Bad Memories. Jensen's Mom Doesn't Know What To Get Him For His Birthday. What's Happening. Things Stuck In Your Body. Jimmy Pardo. What's Happening.
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K&B Podcast: Monday, November 4th with guests Twenty One Pilots, Jenn Sterger and Cody Decker

Open. What's Happening. Bean vs. Daylight SavingS. Beer Mug Uses "Do You Know Who I Am?" Which Band Do we Want To See Reunite. Great News. KROQ Absolut Almost Acoustic Christmas Night 2 Announcement. Sleeping With Socks On. What's Happening. Twenty One Pilots. Jenn Sterger & Cody Decker From...
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The B-Team Ep 85: Bobby "Boris" Pickett Interview, Afro Calls + More

On this episode: Halloween at the office, So That Happened: Wide Orbit fail, Kevin & Bean interview Bobby "Boris" Pickett, answer your Afro Calls (323-520-2376), catch up with former board-op Chip, Beer Mug's recap of the KROQ Halloween Ball and more.
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