Dave Grohl on Why the Foo Fighters Have Never Played the Super Bowl

With the Foo Fighters being among the biggest musical acts in the world regardless of genre, one would think that Grohl and the gang would at least be in consideration for the Super Bowl slot, right?
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KROQ To The Rescue: Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California

In episode 10, Kat Corbett chats with the Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California!
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National Cheeseburger Day: Hungry Hungry Harris' Top 5 Cheeseburgers in Los Angeles

By Hungry Hungry Harris Happy National Cheeseburger Day everyone! If you’ve read any of my other articles then you know I have a strong love for the almighty cheeseburger. What better way to celebrate this joyous day than to share my top 5 cheeseburgers in LA. Only picking 5 was definitely a task...
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Good Charlotte

Dr. Phil Joins Good Charlotte On ‘The Late Late Show’

“I’m here to rock this bitch” – Dr. Phil
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Billy Corgan Talks Smash Mouth: 'I Think We Won the Battle of the ‘Smash’ Bands'

Mr. Bill addressed the current beef between his band and legendary ‘90s soundtrack heroes, Smash Mouth during an interview with KROQ joq Kat Corbett who stepped up and addressed the Shrek-sized elephant in the room.
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