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The Year of No Apologies: Nicole Alvarez Looks Forward to 2020 in Episode 5 of "Full Disclosure"

We're back with the first Full Disclosure of 2020!
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Full Disclosure Episode 4

All Things KROQ: Nicole Alvarez Reflects on Her Work in Episode 4 of "Full Disclosure"

In this episode of Full Disclosure, I discuss, one of the great loves of my life, KROQ.
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Talking All Things Halloween in Episode 3 of Full Disclosure With Nicole Alvarez

In the October edition of Full Disclosure, Nicole Alvarez and her spooky doll Bella talk about all things Halloween and autumn.
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Nicole Alvarez Talks Music and the Internet in Episode 2 of "Full Disclosure"

Here it is, episode 2 of "Full Disclosure". This time I picked 2 topics that everyone can relate to and play a big role in all of our lives. I talk about music and I talk about the internet.
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Get to Know Nicole Alvarez in Episode 1 of "Full Disclosure"

Let’s have fun, let’s think, let’s laugh about how absurd life is, let’s just do things a little differently.
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Full Disclosure with Nicole Alvarez: How Blake Shelton Started a Fight on Her Facebook Page

Listen to the latest podcast from KROQ's Nicole Alvarez!
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