Beer Mug

Beer Mug Defends His MTV Movie + TV Awards Interviews

Like usual, his interviews weren't up to par so he was left defending himself against Kevin & Bean.
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Cheers With Beer Mug: Valentine's Day Edition

We adore our man Beer Mug. We love him so much we gave with a few bucks and sent him to the local watering hole equipped with a microphone. The topic this time around was of course, Valentine's Day. He wanted opinions on the holiday, the history behind it, personal experiences, and more. Here's...
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Vote: MUGOS Mumble Rap vs. Mumble Crap

Listener Martin - Mumble crap (Mugos/Beermug diss)
57% (35 votes)
MUGOS - Mumble Rap
43% (26 votes)
Total votes: 61
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WATCH: Beer Mug Attends AlienCon

Beer Mug stopped by AlienCon in Pasadena to find out the answer to the lifelong question: Is there really life out there?
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Beer Mug at the Premiere of 'Avengers Infinity War'

On Monday, April 23rd at the Dolby Theater, the streets of Hollywood was packed with superheroes as they attended the red carpet premiere of Avengers Infinity War. And alongside all those superheroes was Beer Mug doing what he does best, which is be the worst. Watch as he interviews Clark Gregg,...
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Beer Mug At The Red Carpet Premiere of 'Game Over, Man!'

On Wednesday, March 21st, against their better judgment, Kevin & Bean sent Beer Mug to the Bruin Theater in Westwood for the Red Carpet premiere of Game Over, Man!
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Beer Mug on the Street at the GRAMMYs

Beer Mug cleaned up, put on a suit, and talked with the huge crowds all gathered in front of Madison Square Garden as they awaited to see their favorite musical stars.
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Beer Mug on the 2017 Hollywood Christmas Parade Red Carpet

See everything that went down and more as Kevin & Bean critique Beer Mug's red carpet interviews.
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The Rivalry - USC vs UCLA: Beer Mug Investigates

To get a sense of how both campuses feel this year heading into the game, Kevin & Bean sent Beer Mug to both schools to talk with students.
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Beer Mug At Stan Lee's LA Comic Con

Kevin & Bean sent Beer Mug down to the LA Convention Center to check out Stan Lee's LA Comic Con
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