America's Got Talent

Young Drummer Crushes Fall Out Boy Cover on 'America's Got Talent'

“Jacob Velazquez is achieving greatness by making his dreams come true,” reads the ‘America’s Got Talent’ video description – and after watching his epic audition, you’ll want to start creating a vision board of your very own.
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Howie Mandel Wears Hazmat Suit on Set of 'America's Got Talent'

During a live taping of “America’s Got Talent,” Howie Mandel arrived on set wearing a hazmat suit and gas mask. The 64-year-old also wore a pair of orange gloves and had a baseball cap, which he carried in his hands.
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Bank robber falls three times.

Kevin & Bean’s: People Are Dumb

Kevin searches far and wide to find funny and crazy stories about people who just aren’t thinking as clearly, we call it ‘People Are Dumb.’
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