Josh Homme Apologizes to Photographer He Kicked During Show

December 11, 2017
On Saturday night, Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme kicked photographer Chelsea Lauren while "in a state of being lost in performance" during the band's set at KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas. On Sunday, Homme apologized on QOTSA’s social media accounts. “I don’t have any excuse or reason … I was a total d**k … I’m truly sorry, and I hope you’re okay.” He continues, “I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, and last night was definitely one of them.” View the full apology below.

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Prior to Homme's apology, Lauren posted the following:

Thank you everyone that has reached out with supportive messages. A small update, as I'm being flooded with questions: My neck is a sore, my eyebrow bruised and I'm a bit nauseous. The doctor released me early in the morning. Here are three images. Two of them as Josh looked at me, smiled and then kicked me. The other one is later after he cut his own face with a knife. I was in the pit in tears - and he just stared at me smiling. Assault in any form is not okay, no matter what the reasoning. Alcohol and drugs are no excuse. I was where I was allowed to be, I was not breaking any rules. I was simply trying to do my job. I hold nobody accountable for this but Josh himself. KROQ has nothing to do with this and I will always support them. The irony is someone had thrown an ice cube on to the very slick catwalk before the QOTSA set. I was afraid that one of the band members might slip and hurt themselves so, when the lights went dark, I used my arm to wipe down the runway so nobody would hurt themselves. Thank you to @variety for their immediate concern and care with this matter. As of now, nobody from QOTSA has reached out to me. #queensofthestoneage #QOTSA #JoshHomme

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