X Ambassadors Reveal New Song 'Don't Stay'

December 10, 2017

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for KROQ

By Scott T. Sterling

During the band's set at the 2017 KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show, the X Ambassadors revealed a brand new song, "Don't Stay."

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"It's coming soon," promised frontman Sam Harris. "It's gonna be on the next record, and we're so, so excited about this record."

Harris went on to describe his vocal regimen and maintaining his voice while working on the new album. "I'll tell you what, man. It takes a lot of just practice and training," he told  Stryker about his singing style.

"I take crazy good care of my voice. I had to stop drinking, I had to stop smoking, I had to clean up my diet. All this madness. I live like a monk now. It's pretty boring."