The Lumineers on Opening for U2: 'It Was Terrifying'

December 10, 2017

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for KROQ

By Scott T. Sterling

For the Lumineers' member, Jeremiah Fraites, the band's stint opening for U2 on the massive 30th anniversary tour for The Joshua Tree was more than a little daunting.

"It was terrifying, to be honest. I could sound cool and say it was no big deal, but honestly, those two first nights were really terrifying. So many people," Fraites told KROQ's Kevin and Bean at the 2017 Almost Acoustic Christmas show.

Fraites went on to detail a particular diehard U2 fan he came to recognize over the course of the tour. "There was actually guy in the front row, he had a black cowboy hat on, and he just looked like he hated it. He had his arms crossed, and he made eye contact with me the whole show. Fast forward a few days later, we were flying. He was traveling with U2. He saw every show, front row, and he came up to me—he was French—and he said 'I love you guys, it was amazing.' And I said I'm really glad you said that. I really thought you hated us. You gave us the death stare. I think it was just his Frenchness."