Phoenix Remember The Band's Worst New Year's Eve Ever

December 10, 2017

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for KROQ

By Scott T. Sterling

Like most people, the band Phoenix have had their share of bad New Year's Eve memories.

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Frontman Thomas Mars recalled the worst New Year's Eve the band experienced together back at the turn of the millennium. "We always had awful New Year's Eves, growing up as teenagers," he revealed to KROQ DJ Kat Corbett during a backstage interview at the 2017 Almost Acoustic Christmas show.

"I think everyone (deals with that) because it's too much pressure to enjoy. "I think the worst for us, we were all together. It was 1999 turning into 2000. We were in Paris at a party with bad DJs. It felt like the world was not going to a good place."