Prophets of Rage's B-Real on Engaging the New Generation with Politics

December 9, 2017

Photo by Lester Cohen/Getty Images for KROQ

By Scott T. Sterling

With three members of Rage Against the Machine along with Public Enemy's Chuck D and B-Real from Cypress Hill, it's no surprise that politics are at the forefront of the Prophets of Rage's agenda.

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B-Real spoke on engaging a new generation of music listeners to get informed and involved with the political process during an interview with KROQ DJ Nicole Alvarez at the 2017 Almost Acoustic Christmas show.

"Getting involved by inspiring them through the music," B-Real explained. "It's one of the biggest platforms in the world. For us, getting together behind that cause to wake everyone up, that's a key thing for us. Making slamming music with a message that will get through to the youth, not just our generation. They're the ones that inherit it after us, and we want them to be awake."