Run the Jewels Look Back at 'Schizophrenic' 2017

December 9, 2017

Photo by Lester Cohen/Getty Images for KROQ

By Scott T. Sterling

Dynamic rap duo Run the Jewels have some ambivalent feelings in regards to the year 2017.

"It's been a really interesting year, because for us it's been one of the most amazing years," explained RTJ rapper El-P during an interview with KROQ DJ Nicole Alvarez before taking the stage at the 2017 Almost Acoustic Christmas show.

"We've just had the chance to tour the world again and we love our job," El-P elaborated as his RTJ partner, Killer Mike, looked on. "We've gotten the chance to be in front of these amazing crowds. So it's kind of chipped away at some of apathy and fear that we've had we had before we went out, and a little bit of the despair. But also it's this schizophrenic thing because you know, you kind of have this feeling like the world is burning down," he added, with Alvarez commenting that considering the current state of the Southern California wildfires, that feeling can be quite literal.