Seven Day Warrior with Rich Rubin

KROQ's Rich Rubin delves into the world of triathlon, marathon, ironman, and ultra-racing. Conversations with guests and experts will focus on local races, training, diet/nutrition/supplements, how to get to the next level, the best ways to start, and the awesome and supportive community that goes along with it.


EP 24 NFL Tight End Devon Cajuste

Every now and then you come across a unique individual who makes you take notice. Devon Cajuste is one of these unique individuals. He's never ran a triathlon...


The Legacy Triathlon is coming to Los Angeles! The City of Long Beach is hosting and USAT President Barry Siff, Legacy Tri Event Director Brad Hildebrandt, and...

EP 21 Danna Richards

The multi-talented Danna (Montana Danna) Richards is our guest today! From writing, producing, singing, and recording a new song a day for an entire year, to...

EP 19 - The Body Doc - Dr. Vince

So it's the holidays and you're thinking to yourself...exactly how much junk food and empty calories can I stuff into my face before it starts to comprimise my...