Seven Day Warrior with Rich Rubin

KROQ's Rich Rubin delves into the world of triathlon, marathon, ironman, and
ultra-racing. Conversations with guests and experts will focus on local
races, training, diet/nutrition/supplements, how to get to the next level,
the best ways to start, and the awesome and supportive community that goes
along with it.


Ep 9 - Deb Carabet & Women In Tri

LA TRI CLUB's Managing Director Deb Carabet returns with some new info on WOMAN FOR TRI! We chat about the difference between sprint, olympic, half, and full...

Ep 8 - Jonathan & Max

IRONMEN! My pals Max Raymundo and Jonathin Sumilang recently completed their first full IRONMAN race, A HUGE accomplishment. During this podcast we find out a...

Ep 7 -Paul Hekimian

President and Co-Founder of LA TRI Club Paul Hekimian is our guest on the 7DayWarrior Podcast. Paul has more energy and can-do spirit than anyone we’ve spoken...

Ep 6 - Dr. Vince

Life-long Triathlete Dr. Viince Marcel is a chiropractor, an expert in nutrition, and the inventor of the Infinity Bike Seat. He's our guest on the podcast...