Seven Day Warrior with Rich Rubin

KROQ's Rich Rubin delves into the world of triathlon, marathon, ironman, and
ultra-racing. Conversations with guests and experts will focus on local
races, training, diet/nutrition/supplements, how to get to the next level,
the best ways to start, and the awesome and supportive community that goes
along with it.


Ep 13 - Dr. Vince

The amazing Dr. Vince! Inventor of the Infinity Bike Seat and known as "The Body Doc" and I have been working on fixing my back...more on that later. We're...

Ep 12- Ironman Erick Delgado

IRONMAN Erick Delgado plays as hard as he trains. He's a three-time IRONMAN and easily the most positive influence on me when it comes to training and racing...

Ep 9 - Deb Carabet & Women In Tri

LA TRI CLUB's Managing Director Deb Carabet returns with some new info on WOMAN FOR TRI! We chat about the difference between sprint, olympic, half, and full...