Monday, February 18th Best Of: You're Allergic But Screw It, Cheers With Beer Mug: Worst Jobs and Allie Wants a Penis

Monday, February 18th

Weird Passwords and Wi-Fi Names. Alex Jones vs. Joe Rogan. Dr Drew: Typhus from Wet Building. What’s Up With Florida: Man Brings Rifle to Store over Cigarettes. Great News: Pizza Delivery for Cancer Patient, Runner Helps Blind Student. You're Allergic But F*ck It. People Are Dumb: Feet Edition. Bean Makes Us Guess: Top All Time HBO Shows. Brad Meltzer: I am Billie Jean King. Mugos vs. Martin Rap Beef. Dr. Phil: Spoiled Teenager. Allie Wants a Penis. Animal Stories: Lady Steals Lobster, Lady Punches Bear in Nose. Cheers with Beer Mug: Bad Jobs. Saying No to Girl Scout Cookies. You Saw Something That Traumatized You as A Kid. Allie and THE MURDER.