How Does Smoking Weed Affect My Performance In School?

By Marie Flounoy

If you’re like most teens, you may be worried about your overall performance in school—your aim is to keep your grades up, make your parents proud, eventually graduate, and maybe even get into a good college. And if you’re like most teens, weed has probably come up in your day-to-day life—you’ve either been offered it, know people who use it regularly, or have tried it yourself. But you may wonder, how can marijuana impact your educational goals?

Diminished memory and outlook

If you or someone you know is considering trying pot for the first time, there are some things you should take into consideration. First, studies show that cannabis can affect short-term memory, making it harder to learn new subjects and retain important information. Beyond studying for the ACTs and SATs, this can affect test-taking and idea retention well into adulthood. A few moments of fun shouldn’t ruin your college ambitions.

Beyond the potential of a lower functioning memory, there is evidence that suggests that students who smoke weed may be less likely to finish high school or obtain a degree at all. These same studies also saw a correlation between marijuana use and unemployment, which leads to overall lower life satisfaction.

A reduced IQ

When you’re trying to succeed in school you’ll need every IQ point you have, and if you use marijuana when you’re a teen, you could potentially lose a few of those valuable points. One study found that adolescents who use marijuana lost up to eight IQ points. What is most troubling is that these points weren’t recouped, even after quitting.

YouTubers share their stories

Marijuana use has affected many teens into adulthood, and several famous YouTubers have used their channels to reveal their experiences smoking weed and why they've decided to quit.

Youtuber Sarah Baska mentions the mental clarity she enjoys now that she's no longer a stoner. Sarah revealed in a personal story time video that she was previously using weed as a way to ignore her emotions, however, after experiencing a panic attack, it made her realize she needed to stop smoking.

Joanna Simon admitted to quitting weed, a habit she picked up in high school. In her confessional video, Joanna shared her experience of being high during a cooking class and how she could not retain any information or focus, both common side effects of marijuana use.

Youtuber Doit Jack stopped smoking when he discovered it made him sleepy and unproductive. In his explanation video, Doit also addresses how much money he spent buying marijuana, another reason to stay clear and focus on his projects.

Keeping the future bright

The effects of smoking weed will differ for each person. However, steering clear of weed in all its forms is highly recommended to assure your school performance is at its best, which can ultimately lead to a bright future. It's important to keep in mind that anything you do as a teen can affect your physical and mental health in the long run, and even into adulthood. Making healthy choices now will set you up for future success.