'Catfish' Star Nev Schulman Tips Waitress $926 for the Most Amazing Reason

A chance celebrity encounter left a pregnant waitress at Denver International Airport in tears when she was tipped $926 by ‘Catfish’ host Nev Schulman.
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Cheetos' Chester Cheetah to Unleash His Own Mac n' Cheese

PepsiCo Foods North America partnered with Frito-Lay North America and Quaker Foods North America to release its mac n’ cheese with the same cheesy burst of flavor as its crispy cheese snack.
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LAeats Salads

LAEats - MUST TRY Summer Salads in Los Angeles

Sometimes you just need a salad, from a big salad you can pick up for lunch, to something a bit more elevated. We have some must try salads you have never heard of like a great house made cesar dressing that is hand tossed with croutons baked in the pizza oven. Some have proteins and some are 100%...
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Shake Shack Will Open Drive-Thru Locations Next Year

Shake Shack does not have any drive-thru locations. But that is all going to change as the company has announced they will be opening their first restaurants where customers won’t have to get out of their cars to order their meals.
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Dunkin’ Giving Customers Free Coffee on Mondays and Free Donuts on Fridays in August

Dunkin’ is launching Free Coffee Mondays and bringing back Free Donut Fridays for a limited time in August. Learn more about these deals available to DD Perks members.
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LAEats Coffee

LAEats - 7 MUST TRY Summer Hot Coffees In Los Angeles

Get ready for some different hot coffees, and even some hot americanos. We care about the details, from the whole beans and roasters that go in each cup or shot of espresso. Everyone enjoys their coffee in their own way, from drinking it straight with no sugar or cream, to those that like syrups,...
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Dunkin' Will Require Customers to Wear Face Masks Starting August 5

Dunkin’ will require customers to wear face coverings inside its outlets beginning August 5, the donut chain announced in a new public statement.
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Coca-Cola to Enter Hard Seltzer Market With First Alcoholic U.S. Offering

The Coca-Cola Company is introducing Topo Chico Hard Seltzer, the soft drink giant’s first alcoholic offering in the U.S. made with its Topo Chico Mineral Water.
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LAeats Fried Chicken

LAEats - 7 MUST TRY Fried Chickens In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has become one of the world's best places for fried chicken. From sandwiches to tenders, and everything in between, LAeats gets you ready to eat them all. To say Los Angeles has some of the best fried chicken in the world is a bold statement and one that we can back up with seven...
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National Hot Dog Day 2020: Freebies and Deals From 7-Eleven and More

Whether you like mustard, ketchup or relish, you have to admit hot dogs are a perfect summer staple. These are some chains offering deals and freebies for National Hot Dog Day this year.
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