7 MUST TRY Sandwiches in LA

In Collaboration With LAeats Los Angeles has always been a home to great sandwiches and the last year has only brought on some new contenders for MUST TRY Sandwich. Discover all types of bread bringing this variety of sandwiches to life. LAeats has searched all of Southern California for the MUST...
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Coke Launching First New Flavors in Decades

Coca-Cola is launching two new flavors, and if you like orange and vanilla, they just might be your thing.
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Uncle Paulie's Deli

Uncle Paulie’s delivers a unique New York style deli experience right here in LA’s Mid-City

They opened up because in their opinion there wasn’t anything like the delis they had back home in Queens, NY.
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"Drinkable" Chips Are Now A Thing

If you're tired of having greasy fingers this is good news for you. A snack-maker in Tokyo, Japan “features a line of splintered potato chips and other snacks that can be consumed like a bottled drink.” The One Hand Chips come pre-smashed in 3 different flavors ready to consume. The motivation...
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LAEats - 7 MUST TRY Breakfast Spots in Los Angeles

From authentic Texas-style breakfast Tacos in Hollywood & Highland Park to the MUST TRY scrambled eggs that will get you to make a trip to The Grove for brunch.
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Guide to DTLA Wineries & Wine Bars

Downtown LA isn’t only for craft beer drinkers anymore.
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7 MUST TRY Desserts in SoCal

Along the way, you'll discover some of the best frozen desserts, cakes, pastries, brownies cookies, and more!
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5 Craft Beers You Must Try

Celebrate by hunting down our 5 favorite canned beers
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7 MUST TRY Fried Chickens in Los Angeles

From sandwiches to tenders, and everything in between, we get you ready to eat them all.
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