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Keep It 100 – The Waitresses “Christmas Wrapping”

Keep It 100 – The Waitresses “Christmas Wrapping”

Every Friday morning around 9:00 am Kevin & Bean invite you to text in any song request from a KROQ band past or present to 1-800-520-1067. Texter number 100 gets their song played and you'll even introduce it on the air. Today, Josh from Lake Balboa was texter 100! Josh has been a loyal Kevin... Read More

That's My Jam Playlist - Blink-182, PUP, Wynne + More

We hear from a lot of listeners about the music we play on-air. We have no control over that so we created our own list of songs for you to check out. Here's a playlist of songs the crew from the show are digging out to at the moment. Some are new songs, some can be songs they just can't get out of... Read More
baby feet

KROQ's Stryker and Klein Want You to Name Your Baby “Yoda”

The new Disney+ show “The Mandalorian” has caused people to have baby fever! But not just any kind of baby fever, BABY YODA fever is sweeping the world, and Stryker and Klein have an idea... The afternoon team is looking for a pregnant participant (due SOON) who is willing to legally name their... Read More
Jensen gets us up on a Nextflix Original Docu-series The Movies That Made Us.

Get Up On This with Jensen Karp: The Movies That Made Us

Every Thursday morning Jensen brings our attention to something that we may not know about yet or something we may have overlooked in the past. Now it's time to "Get Up On This." In 2017, comedian Brian Volk-Weiss created a show called The Toys That Made Us on Netflix . Each episode took an... Read More
Absolut Best Drinks

The 'Absolut Best Drinks' at KROQ Absolut Almost Acoustic Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The weather's getting cozy, the holiday lights are going up, and best of all the KROQ Absolut Almost Acoustic Christmas is just around the corner! Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like an extra serving of Christmas spirit, so our friends at Absolut are rolling... Read More
Andrew Santino

K&B Podcast: Wednesday, December 4th with guest Andrew Santino

Open. What's Happening. Nurse Amanda And Allie's Nose Leaking. Fake TV/Real TV: Christmas Movies. DJ Omar Khan Wants To Know If A Waffle Maker Is A Good Gift. Dear Santa, Love Timmy for KROQ Absolut Almost Acoustic Christmas Tickets. Bad Work Holiday Parties. What's Happening. Andrew Santino. What'... Read More