Your Guide to a Latino-Infused Thanksgiving

November 13, 2018

By Yasmin Cortez

When we think of Thanksgiving, what usually comes to mind is turkey, gravy, ham, mashed potatoes, yams, pumpkin pie, casseroles and the list goes on. However, this menu isn’t the same for everyone.

If you’re Latino, you already know! If you’re not, you’re about to find out!

Check out some favorite dishes from the Latino heritage twist on Thanksgiving.


Happy Monday guys! I don't have any bread but let's get this milanesa. For those of you who don't know, a milanesa is pure happiness and an Argentine staple. The basic milanesa is breaded pork (or chicken), fried and served alone. This particular variant is called "de la casa", and is a specialty from @elclubdelamilanesa, located in various neighborhoods in Buenos Aires and throughout Argentina. If you're in (one of) the area(s), check them out! You won't regret it. Los esperan allá!

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'Milanesa' is bound to be a Latino-Infused Thanksgiving especially since it's an Argentinian staple! 'Milanesa' is breaded meats which can range from pork, to chicken, to even steak. Honestly this could just replace the Thanksgiving Turkey altogether! Find out to make some here!


Para estos dias festivos y navideños, tenemos para ti el mas rico y exquisito arroz con leche o con coco. Pide el tuyo, consulta nuestros precios. #arrozconleche #arrozconcoco #drcinnamonroll

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Three words….'Arroz Con Coco.' You heard that right COCONUT RICE! This dish is made by soaking rice in coconut milk and then adding raisins to finish. Just imagine the sweetness of the rice that perfectly pairs up with cranberry sauce and turkey. Try this recipe here.


My first attempt at Cuban Style Black Beans. The first time I had these in Cuba I was in love. Too bad it's taken me so long to try making them because it's quite easy. Due to these delicious beans I had my first vegetarian meal in awhile and it's definitely something I will be doing more often #foodbwoycreations -- . . . #blackbeans #cubanfood #plantain #cubanblackbeans #cubancuisine #vegetarian #vegetarianrecipes #vegetarianmeal #tasteto #to_finest #toronto #frijoles #frijolesnegros #riceandbeans

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Cubans + food = 'Plátanito Maduros!' Fried sweet plátanos are a staple side dish in Cuban cuisine alongside 'frijoles negros.' Frijoles are also a must at the table for your primos that drown their rice in. You can learn how to make platanitos here....but they'll never be as good as Abuelita's!

Puerto Rico

Aprovecha Este Viernes Sábado y Domingo Conofongo de pollo (Mofongo Cono) por solo $6 con tus salsas favoritas abierto de 11am-9PM valido al compartir el post y presentar la oferta. --Aguadilla en la PR 443 KM 2.1 Bo Caimital Bajo. GPS Google : 18°25'36.2"N 67°07'04.4"W https://goo.gl/maps/7YAUhpQLp9M2 #mofongo #conofongo #aguadilla #puertorico

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Puerto Ricans bring on the garlic-flavored mashed plátanos with ‘Mofongo’ on the dinner table! This dish which can be eaten any time of the day is essential to Puerto Ricans. Learn how to make it with this recipe to experience the flavors of the Caribbean.

Dominican Republic

Acabo de subir la receta de este Bizcocho esponjoso SIN HORNO a mi canal de YouTube.Increíblemente esponjoso y muy alto. Accede a través del link de mi bio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb-7vStCnYw #bizcocho #annarecetasfaciles #bizcochocasero

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Forget pumpkin pies for dessert! Dominicans have their own way of indulging with 'Bizcocho,' a Dominican cake dessert. Often times it can be as simple as this recipe here, or spice things up by turning it into a rum cake, amount of rum....your choice. :) 


Our favorite holiday tradition is back! Celebrate the start of the season with a plate of our Turkey Mole Tamales. --

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Okay there are sooo many delicious foods it’s hard to just point out one for a traditional mexican infused Thanksgiving. You have your traditional 'Tamales,' that grandma goes to the store at 2 a.m. to buy masa days before. You have 'Mole Poblano,' 'Menudo,' don’t forget 'Champurrado' and you can also expect to find 'Carnitas' too. For dessert, forget about the pumpkin pie, 'Flan' is the dessert of the day! Try out this Tamale recipe here and this Flan recipe here


En esta oportunidad te presentaremos la preparación la Ensalada de Gallina, este es uno de los complementos que siempre se verán en la mesa venezolana en la época de Navidad. La ensalada de Gallina gusta tanto que no solo se sirve en las fechas decembrinas sino que se puede ver a lo largo del año. Pechuga grande de pollo o gallina 3 zanahorias 5 papas grandes 1 lata pequeña de guisantes 1 Manzana verde Mayonesa (de 2 a 3 cucharadas grandes) Verificar si deseas agregarle más Limón Sal, pimienta y ajo en polvo al gusto Preparación En una olla con agua suficiente, coloca un cubito de caldo de pollo, un tallo pequeño de ajoporro y la pechuga de pollo. Cocinar por una hora. Una vez listo, deja enfriar el pollo y esmechalo en trozos pequeños. Pelar, lavar y cortar en cuadritos las zanahorias y las papas. Poner a hervir en una olla primero la zanahoria, se espera unos minutos y luego se agrega las papas a fuego mediano hasta que ablanden y queden firmes pero que no se vuelvan puré. La manzana verde cortarla en cuadritos. Aparte se une la mayonesa y la sal. Mezclar los vegetales, frutas, guisantes y la mezcla de mayonesa con un movimiento envolvente para no romperlas. Tapar y colocar en la nevera por lo menos unas 2 o 3 horas. #Gastronomía #GastronomíaVenezolana#SabeAVenezuela #Food #Comida#ComidaTípica #Tradiciones #EnsaladaDeGallina #TradiciónNavideña #NavidadEP

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Remember that untouched salad that people bring for healthy aesthetics, but no one eats? They obviously don’t make salad the way Venezuelans do. 'Ensalada de Gallina' is the way to go! Basically it’s chicken salad, but packed with flavor and ingredients like potatoes, mayo, carrots, and chicken which makes it the star of the show on Thanksgiving Day! Try making it yourself here.