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Watch Kermit the Frog and Pepé Rap Battle Miss Piggy and Beaker

February 1, 2019

The greatest (and only) Muppet rap battle of all time: Kermit and Pepé vs. Miss Piggy and Beaker.

"Drop the Mic is a comic battle rap competition series based on the popular segment from The Late Late Show with James Corden and hosted by Method Man and Hailey Bieber. Each week, celebrities from the worlds of entertainment, music, sports and pop culture will face off in a rap battle royale packed with "I can't believe they just said that" moments. At the end of each head-to-head battle, Method Man picks the winner."

From The Kevin & Bean Show's co-host, Drop the Mic Executive Producer and Head Writer Jensen Karp:

"Entering our new season, it was really hard to figure out what was going to escalate what we already did. Michael Bloom from Turner was the first to suggest Muppets, though in the past they had come up as an idea, and I was hesitant. I wondered if it would be our jump the shark moment (which is something I ask myself basically every tape day already). But when I really sat down and thought it out, I knew they were the ideal participants. 

The whole Muppets team was incredible to work with and willing to play along. They understood my concept for the battle from the start and all the writers went into hyper speed to kill it. It was really one of the greatest moments we've had on the show and I fulfilled just about every childhood dream I've ever had with it. It's gonna be hard to top, but I'll keep trying. I was so happy to hear the performers, and now the world, was as into as I was."