The Ultimate Pizza Museum Experience Slices Through L.A.

They’re coming at you will all sorts of tomato-based sauciness

October 18, 2018

By Scott T. Sterling

For every kid who yelled “YES!” whenever some snot-nosed kid asked if you loved pizza would you marry it—which to be honest, was most of us—wow, do we ever have an experience for you.

The Pizza Experience is set to slice through the heart of Los Angeles through the end of the year. It’s billed as an interactive experience dedicated to all things delicious, circled in crust and oh, so cheesy.

They’re coming at you will all sorts of tomato-based sauciness with such exhibits as a Pizza Night Club (“live out your pizza party dreams with turntables and a pizza anthem!”) and we can’t wait to see what exactly is going on in the Pizza Fitness Center, because “let's be real, we all workout to eat pizza.”

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Cutting to the chase, however, we’d be remiss not to spotlight the Munchies Room, a “playful cannabis-themed room to relaxxxx and munch on some snacks.” Now before you start rounding up your paraphernalia Cheech and Chong-ette, they let it be known that no actual “substances” will be present, so handle that business in your car like a normal person.

The pepperoni-themed Pizzapartment, the pizza dough room, complete with scratch and sniff art, and someone even had the bright idea to include Cauliflower Dreams, a nod to “our gluten-free friends” featurings, you guessed it—cauliflower pizza.

Look, we don’t know what else to tell you—it’s real-deal Evander Holyfield PIZZA MUSEUM. Stop messing around and just get your tickets here already. See you there.
(note: no actual substances are present)