Keep It 100 – Blink 182 “I Won’t Be Home For Christmas”


Keep It 100 – Blink 182 “I Won’t Be Home For Christmas”

Every Friday morning texter number 100 gets their KROQ song request played

December 13, 2019

Every Friday morning around 9:00 am Kevin & Bean invite you to text in any song request from a KROQ band past or present to 1-800-520-1067. Texter number 100 gets their song played and you'll even introduce it on the air.

Today, John from Valencia was texter 100! John will be taking his kids to Disney on Ice tomorrow and he just might have to get wasted to make it much more enjoyable. John requested a song that is sticking with the holiday season and falls in line with the spirit of Christmas. “It’s my favorite band, blink 182 “I Won’t Be Home For Christmas.” Have fun at Disney on Ice, John.

Be sure to check back every Friday for a new song to start your weekend with. Don't forget to text your songs in every Friday at 9:00 am and subscribe to the Keep It 100 playlist so you can hear all of the past Keep It 100 songs.