Jensen gets us up on a Nextflix Original Docu-series The Movies That Made Us.

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Get Up On This with Jensen Karp: The Movies That Made Us

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December 5, 2019

Every Thursday morning Jensen brings our attention to something that we may not know about yet or something we may have overlooked in the past.

Now it's time to "Get Up On This."

In 2017, comedian Brian Volk-Weiss created a show called The Toys That Made Us on Netflix. Each episode took an insightful and entertaining behind the scenes look at a different toy that shaped us from the ‘80s. This week Jensen gets us up on Volk-Weiss’ spinoff to that series, the new Netflix documentary show: The Movies That Made Us. It takes the exact same formula and style but, instead of focusing on toys, it selects iconic films of our childhood that deserve a deeper dive.

The first four episodes that are now available to stream on Netflix are; Home AloneDie HardGhostbusters and Dirty Dancing. You can assume you know enough about these films but as you watch these episodes, you’re guaranteed to learn some new information. They interview producers and writers to get a better idea of what was going on during the making of these standout films and show exclusive candid and behind the scenes footage.

Jensen was genuinely shocked to discover that the most interesting of all the episodes was Dirty Dancing. Co-Stars Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey hated each other and had a long-standing feud stemming from an undisclosed incident that happened on a previous film they had also worked on together called Red Dawn. Grey refused to work with Swayze and in order for them to sign up, they were forced to sit down for an hour and cry it out to be able to move past it. Along with all of that you get to see audition footage from Swayze as well as the director’s second choice - Benicio Del Toro. Each episode ends with one person or a group of people, going back to a filming location, and for Dirty Dancing, a producer goes back to the camp they filmed at in order to double for the Catskills.

Jensen also watched the episode that focused on Home Alone. He learned that actor John Candy did this movie as a favor for John Hughes and was paid scale, which means the actor who played the pizza delivery guy got paid more money than he did. Also, Daniel Stern was a replacement for someone who was already cast to play a “Wet Bandit” alongside Joe Pesci, but Pesci did not get along with him, so they brought in Stern. In the “After Shave” scene Macaulay Culkin improvised portions of the memorable hands on his face while he was screaming.

The Ghostbusters episode also provided tons of behind the scenes information, such as interviews with Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, and Ivan Reitman, who admitted that the studio couldn’t lock in the name Ghostbusters quickly, so they had to shoot some scenes twice. One with Ghostbusters and one with the possible title, “Ghostbreakers.” Paul Reubens was originally cast to play Gozer. John Candy was first cast instead of Rick Moranis but, Candy wanted to add lines to the role. We also learned that John Candy, John Belushi, and Eddie Murphy were all supposed to be part of the original cast. show crazy would that lineup have been?

Sarah Jessica Parker was almost Baby in Dirty Dancing. Also, everyone involved in the movie hated the line “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” Who would ever think that a documentary TV show about Dirty Dancing would be so interesting? You’ll also find out why Frank Sinatra was the original John McClane in Die Hard. If you like behind the scenes information, this is the show for you to watch. Stream it now on Netflix. Each episode is only 45 min and they are very entertaining. So good - you won’t want to stop binge-watching them.