SXSW 2018: Mt. Joy at Stubb's

By: Andy Hawk

March 16, 2018

The music industry always hopes to find out who will be the next big thing every March, as it feels like every band trying to make it ends up at SXSW, the iconic Austin music festival. The good news is there is so much to be excited about!

In an intimate Wednesday SXSW showcase inside at the legendary Stubb's BBQ, Mt. Joy showed off why they will be to 2018 what The Revivalists were to 2017. Strong prediction? Yes. 

Mt. Joy is that band to be excited about.

It's all there. A little bit Americana, a little bit rock, and a lot of charming, meaningful, catchy hookiness that speaks directly to young music fans. Now couple that with just enough bluesy grit and big lead riffs that can appeal to American classic rock traditionalists: It's easy to see this band reaching the masses in agreement.  

Yeah, guys and girls will be able to sing along together to "Silver Lining," the song that is about to be the breakout hit of the spring and this upcoming summer. I mean that hook is so massive! It's the kind of hook on a song that should make Mt. Joy a household name. It's the kind of hook that reaches across genres and formats.

The band is already booked alongside massive rock bands at the some of the biggest festivals, so check them out now before the closest you can get to them is a hundred yards from the stage.