Weezer's "Africa" Cover is a Huge Hit; Does Toto Have Something Up Their Sleeves?

July 26, 2018

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What started as a simple request from a girl on social media has arguably created the song of the summer. Weezer's Africa is a monster hit, both topping the charts and request lines. The original version was released by the band Toto, nearly 35 years ago, and it appears that Weezer may have inspired Toto as well... 

While discussing the song on KROQ during his afternoon show, Stryker and his new radio friend Klein, (formerly Kevin Klein of San Francisco's KITS), started to challenge Los Angeles based TOTO to record a Weezer song. Calls, texts, and tweets flooded into the radio station echoing their on-air challenge, and even suggesting what song it should be. 

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Before long, a caller informed Stryker and Klein to check their Twitter, and low and behold they had received this tweet from TOTO founder, and current member, Steve Luckather: 

By the time Stryker and Klein were signing off around 7P, they had tentative plans to go and meet up with TOTO "very very soon." As Klein put it on air, "it looks like I picked the right week to start hanging off Stryker's coattails." 

This story is developing, but more should be known today on KROQ between 4 and 7PM. 

If TOTO is working on a Weezer cover, what song should it be?