The Interrupters Are Ready to Rock KROQ Weenie Roast 2019

December 9, 2018

By: Scott T. Sterling

The Interrupters are as real as they come, and it’s a beautiful thing.

The breakout ska-punks and emerging Los Angeles heroes have been down with KROQ and the whole squad since Day 1. Aimee Interrupter and the Bivona brothers Kevin, Justin and Jesse were quick to rep their local roots during an interview with Stryker at this year’s KROQ's Absolut Almost Acoustic Christmas show.

“So we had two boomboxes. One had a microphone in it, and the other one we’d have KROQ on,” Justin revealed. “ And we’d sit there, and when it come back from commercials, we’d hit record. If we liked the song, we’d let it keep playing. If we didn’t like the song, we’d stop it, and rewind it, and record over it.”

“The best was were Block Party Weekends,” his brother Jesse added enthusiastically, “because you’d get multiple songs from a band you liked.”

Still amped after the band’s smashingly successful Almost Acoustic Christmas debut—complete with cameo from the legend Tim Armstrong of Rancid—The Interrupters already have summer 2019 in their collective sights.

So when Klein asked the crew if they have their next big goal in mind, Kevin Bivona saw his opportunity and seized it.

“Well, how ‘bout we do the Weenie Roast?” Kevin shot back immediately. “I’m putting that out there.”

Stryker, being a smart man, agreed that it was an outstanding idea, and even got Kevin to sign his name to a very much legally binding contract.

Now somebody get that thing notarized!