Stryker & Klein Mornings: Lisa Simpson Predicts Election Results, Finally Weighs in on Character's Sexuality

October 15, 2020
Yeardley Smith

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Let's face it: Nostalgia is the only thing getting us through 2020 at this point. And who can think of nostalgia without thinking of the Simpsons? When the 33rd season premiered September 27th, it gave us a much-needed dose of comfort. But it also re-invigorated some lingering questions about the series...
On Thursday the voice of Lisa Simpson, Yeardley Smith, joined KROQ's syndicated morning show Stryker & Klein to weigh in on Simpsons predictions, how she booked the role, and the status of Lisa's sexuality. 
"Can you be the first person to let us know what will happen in the upcoming presidential election?" asked Klein. Yeardley's response: "We actually did an episode about it in Lisa Becomes President. So there's some good news on the horizon."
Lisa Simpson's possible bisexuality has been a big question mark since last year when a picture from a previous episode resurfaced. The picture depicted an adult Lisa Simpson intimately holding hands with two women in one photo, then with a different woman in another photo.
Lisa Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Al Jean himself even weighed in on the subject in an interview with Metro: ‘I see Lisa as President and possibly polyamorous, [and> Bart enjoying life as he did at the end of the Barthood episode.’ He added: ‘Homer and Marge [are> ecstatic that everything turned out OK.’ 
But what does Lisa herself think? When asked by queer radio host Ally Johnson, Yeardley responded:
"For me, I think Lisa defintely identifies as female. But, the other thing I would say is like, she's 8. So even if you do happen to be transgender or people who are in the LGBTQ community often say, I knew right from the get go, but in my heart and soul, Lisa is 8 and she loves girly things. But I'm totally on board with her exploring other ways of life if that's what makes her happy. I'm into that, sure thing. But she's 8 people."
And there you have it. Listen to the full interview below to learn how she landed the role and find out if she was able to stump a superfan on Simpsons trivia. 
Yeardley also hosts the popular true crime podcast Small Town Dicks which is now in its 7th season and has over 17 million downloads. 
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