Yelawolf Performs Live, Chats with Stryker & Klein About "Opie Taylor" and More

Watch "Opie Taylor", "You and Me", "Till It's Gone" and the full interview here

December 18, 2019

Yelawolf, along with collaboraters DJ Klever and Mike Hartnett, performed a few songs live from the KROQ studios before sitting down for an interview with Styker & Klein. They chatted about how their music comes together, the success of "Opie Taylor", and getting props from Lebron James. 

"That is still surreal," Yelawolf said when asked about what it was like for Lebron James to jam out to "Opie Taylor" on social media, "I didn't hit him up...he gravitated to "Opie Taylor", which is the same feeling we had when we made it". 

Despite having an inherent feeling that "Opie Taylor" was just "right", Yelawolf still has "shellshock" from choosing singles, and speaks on how breaking away from conforming to tradition as helped his songs breakthrough. 

When talking about the decision to go independent, Yelawolf takes inspiration from "some of the best CEOs and Presidents of the industry" like Jimmy Iovine and Paul Rosenberg, who acted as mentors in his career. 

"They took us under their wing and they showed us how it was done," he said before adding, "We just go in and make the music we believe in." 

At the end of the day, Yelawolf sings the praises of his collaboraters, giving tons of credit to DJ Klever and Mike Hartnett for their contributions to "Opie Taylor" as well as his albums Ghetto Cowboy and Love Story

Ghetto Cowboy is available everywhere now