Spawn Creator, Todd McFarlane, Joins Stryker & Klein Mornings to Discuss Spending $2.7 Million on a Baseball

Plus... he plays a round of Quaran-ten

June 23, 2020
Todd McFarlane

Image via Getty/Gabe Ginsberg


Director, Emmy and Grammy Award winner, but most of us know him as the creator of the Spawn comics, Todd McFarlane, joined Stryker and Klein Mornings to discuss his passion for collecting memorabilia. 

Todd shares memories of his baseball playing days and explains why he eventually focused on the arts even though he was a great athlete. Needless to say he made the right decision, he graduated from college and went right to work for Marvel Comics and later creating McFarlane Toys. Klein then gets Todd to shed some light on the action figure crouch issue.

The conversation then shifts from McFarlane's comic career to his passion for collecting sports memorabilia. McFarlane explains his reason for spending $2.7 million on Mark McGuire's 70th homerun ball, noting he owns Sammy Sosa's 66th and Barry Bonds' 73rd homerun balls as well.  

Listen to the full interview below.

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