Stryker & Klein are Joined by Legendary Director Spike Lee to Discuss His New Film and to Throw Some Jabs at James Dolan

Plus... a quick round of Quaran-ten

June 12, 2020
Spike Lee

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Legendary director, Spike Lee called into Stryker and Klein Mornings to discuss his new film DA 5 BLOODS and play a round of Quaran-ten.

With the existing problems affecting everyone, he remains optimistic for the future.

"I grew up in the 60s, so this is kind of reminiscent of that," Lee explained. "This is a global force that is sweeping the world. It's not just the United States of America. Those horrific, graphic images of our brother, King George Floyd, in the last eight minutes or so of his life, that affected the world. That is why the world has taken to the streets, chanting, yelling with love in their hearts, Black Lives Matter."

"Right before our eyes, police departments are making reforms. Here in New York we're gonna outlaw the choke hold. These are fundamental changes that are happening because we have to move forward. People have had it. So I'm very optimistic about this."

Still it matters most at the polls. "If you ask me on November 4 I'll tell you what I really feel, the day after the election." 

The iconic director applauds people like Snoop Dogg, for making it known that they are going to vote to inspire others.

"People follow our brother Snoop, and with him coming out saying, 'I'm voting.' People are gonna take to heart and say, I need to look at what Snoop's doing, understand where we are in this country, and vote," he says emphatically. "I'm condfident that the young people I see, the young generation I see marching all across the United States, if they have not already are gonna register to vote and they're gonna vote, and Agent Orange will be out of here."

Looking back, Lee says his film DO THE RIGHT THING has stood the test of time but admits that it makes him sad. 31 years after the release of that film and we're still experiencing the same issues. When asked if releasing DO THE RIGHT THING was difficult, he admits that it was but nothing compared to the release of MALCOLM X.

Regarding his latest film, DA 5 BLOODS, although it follows 4 Vietnam vets, the film really speaks to what is going on today. DA 5 BLOODS is available to stream now on Netflix.

"Even though the film is about Vietnam vets, it still speaks to what is happening today. It still speaks to why people are marching all across this world, chanting, yelling Black Lives Matter. In many cases the people doing the chanting are black or brown," says Lee.

"You could not release this film at a better time than today, June 12th in the year of our Lord, in this terrible year, 2020."

Lee expressed his love for the City of Los Angeles and jokes that the Lakers are not winning the championship this year. He later adds that he gets better treatment at Staples Center than he does at the Garden.

Listen to the full interview below.

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