Stryker and Klein Announce 'THE SIX FIX' Shirt for LeBron James Fans Stuck with Old Jersey Number

June 28, 2019

(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

LeBron James is still a Los Angeles Laker, however, he is no longer #23. He gifted his former LA number to his new teammate, Anthony Davis, who recently joined the Lakers. 

Once LeBron announced that he would be returning his previous #6, KROQ's Afternoon team of STRYKER and KLEIN immediately started talking about all of the people who shelled out big bucks for a LEBRON 23 LAKERS jersey less than a year ago, and now are stuck with a "cursed and obsolete relic." 

Always looking to make SoCal a better (or at least more fun) place, STRYKER & KLEIN decided to buy a huge box of purple #6's so they could hand them out to listeners and Lakers fans alike, for a DIY project to update their LeBron Jersey's for FREE! 

After discussing this plan ON-AIR, they then had companies offering to help with "THE SIX FIX" push, and a brand new shirt was born. 

"We hope that every person who feels screwed by the number change, will wear one of our new shirts proudly," said TED STRYKER. 

"Finally something Lakers fans and fans of our show can agree on... besides a pretty underwhelming last year," added KLEIN. 

TO GET YOUR VERY LIMITED "Stryker & Klein" THE SIX FIX shirt, be listening to KROQ between 2-6P, and follow them on Instagram at @STRYKERandKLEIN