The Hundreds Family Style Food Festival is this Sunday

Stryker & Klein interview Ben and Bobby Hundreds about their inaugural festival

September 11, 2019

Stryker and Klein spoke to Ben and Bobby Hundreds about their inaugural Family Style Food Festival going down this Sunday at Television City Studios on Fairfax 

The Hundreds is bringing the best of the best in the LA food scene together with some of the hottest chefs and restaurants in the world to Fairfax for the most insane food festival you’ve ever experienced. 

Family Style is the first festival of its kind, a marriage of food and street wear.  The Hundreds has invited some of the best restaurants and chefs to collaborate with with their favorite brands and designers on exclusive dishes and merchandise.

You know The Hundreds, they love creating community. They do it with storytelling, events, and their designs. But food is maybe the best way on earth to bring people together.