D Pics For Science!

September 10, 2019

Klein of the Stryker and Klein show spoke to Kelsey Bressler about her project that collects D-pics for the good of humanity! 

Inspired by an unsolicited photo on the internet, Bressler and a friend created an app development that would allow users to automatically delete the photos without ever having to see them. 

Bressler is currently collecting D-pictures via Twitter at the handle @ShowYoDiq and says more are welcomed—that means it is YOUR time to SHINE! 

Bressler noted while she is not an actual scientist, she is a technology student with a strong hand in coding and, more importantly a woman who has received unsolicited D-pics. Bressler assured Klein that all D-photos collected would only be used for the purpose of this development testing and senders would remain anonymous. 

Hear the full audio below.

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