Hockey Dad (Image - Alex Wall)

Passport Approved Playlist: Pictures, Hockey Dad, Static Union + More

December 11, 2018

Passport Approved is an internationally syndicated tastemaker import radio show that airs Tuesday mornings 12am-1am


PICTURES – “Roll Up” (Virgin Records, Germany)

THE DUNTS – “Ride The Wave” (Unsigned, Scotland)

THOMAS AZIER – “Wicked Game” (Unsigned, Holland)

TEN TIMES A MILLION – “When The Lights Go Out” (Unsigned, Holland)

TORS – “Don’t Cry” (Unsigned, UK)

KING NUN – “Family Portrait” (Dirty Hit, UK)

SAN MEI – “Heaven” (Unsigned, Australia)

GO GO BERLIN – “Here Comes The Darkness” (Heartbeat Music, Denmark)

CALVA LOUISE – “I Heard A Cry” (WMG, UK)

HOCKEY DAD – “Join The Club” (Lab Records, Australia)

STATIC UNION – “New Found Way” (Unsigned, Scotland)

LONGFELLOW – “Therapy” (Unsigned, UK)

LIME CORDIALE – “Dirt Cheap” (Chugg Music, Australia)