Michel Young

Passport Approved Playlist: Oddity Road, Trophy Eyes, Michel Young + More

November 6, 2018

Passport Approved is an internationally syndicated tastemaker import radio show that airs Tuesday mornings 12am-1am


ALL MANKIND – “Dreamers” (Unsigned, Australia)

THE DUNTS – “Ride The Wave” (Unsigned, Scotland)

GO GO BERLIN – “Here Comes The Darkness” (Heartbeat Music, Denmark)

IMBIBE – “Mirage” (Unsigned, Australia)

ODDITY ROAD – “All Again” (Unsigned, UK)

BLACK HONEY – “Midnight” (Fox Five Records, UK)

TIM SCHOU – “Run, Run, Run, Run, Run” (Iceberg Records, Denmark)

LONGFELLOW – “Therapy” (Unsigned, UK)

JRAFFE - "California" (Unsigned, N. America)

TROPHY EYES – “Friday Forever” (Hopeless Records, Australia)

MICHEL YOUNG – “Come Over” (Unsigned, Sweden)

THE WOOD BURNING SAVAGES – "I Don't Know Why I Do It To Myself" (Unsigned, Ireland)

MELO MORENO – “Sad Girls” (Universal, Spain)