Go Go Berlin

Passport Approved Playlist: Go Go Berlin, Moby Rich, Mellor + More

October 16, 2018

Passport Approved is an internationally syndicated tastemaker import radio show that airs Tuesday mornings 12am-1am


THE DUNTS – “Witch Hunt” (Unsigned, Scotland) 

HEY GERONIMO – “Runaway World” (Unsigned, Australia)

NEW BEAT FUND – “When She’s Sober” (Unsigned, N. America)

GO GO BERLIN – “Famous ‘Till The End” (Heartbeat Music, Denmark)

COYLE GIRELLI – “Where’s My Girl” (Unsigned, UK) 

TIM SCHOU – “Run, Run, Run, Run, Run” (Iceberg Records, Denmark)

THE LIDS – “I’m So Bleak” (Unsigned, UK)

JRAFFE - "California" (Unsigned, N. America)

TROPHY EYES – “Friday Forever” (Hopeless Records, Australia)

MOBY RICH – “Yoko Ono” (TAP Records, UK)

MELLOR – “Arms Length” (Unsigned, UK) 

STATE LIGHTS – “Freedom” (Unsigned, Ireland)

MADYX – “Girl Boy” (Unsigned, N. America)