Ohio Man Claims He’s Going On a Beer-Only Diet for Lent

March 13, 2019

For most of us, religious or not, Lent is usually a time we decide to give something up. A lot of jokes have stemmed over the years, the most recent one being "For Lent, I'm just giving up."

However, for Del Hall, instead of giving something up for Lent, he's decided to not drink or eat anything except beer. Hall says this idea comes from the monks in the 1600s. According to Hall, the monks used to do this type of diet during Lent by making a special bock beer.

This special bock beer was brewed by the monks and was an extra hearty beer and "that would be their liquid bread," Hall said. To modernize this diet, Hall decided that he won't limit himself to bock beer and will drink all types of beer during this Lent.

Hall said he's done food challenges like this before, but this one is the most daunting. If you're curious to follow along in his Lenten beer journey, Hall is documenting his progress on his Youtube channel.