North Carolina Man Wins Second $1 Million Lottery at the Same Store

March 13, 2019

By Reanna Hilario

Sometimes we go through wishing we are lucky enough to win the lottery. They say money doesn't buy happiness, but let's be honest, money would solve a lot of our problems right now. In the case of North Carolina man, Terry Splawn, he won the lottery, not just once, but twice - in the same the same store.

I mean, imagine that luck! Splawn told North Carolina Education Lottery officials that he bought a $150m Cash Explosion ticket at Sam's Mini Stop in Concord. Splawn's shock doubled when he realized he won the lottery again - the first time being back in April 2017 when he also won $1m from a ticket he bought at the same store.

Splawn goes on to say that his wife spent the first prize winnings on remodeling their house. "I'm keeping this one. I'm going to put it aside for a rainy day."