[WATCH] Nick Hexum and P-Nut Stop by KROQ to Celebrate 311 Day

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March 11, 2019

Happy 311 Day! 

Nick Hexum and P-Nut stopped by KROQ to chat with Nicole Alvarez about the 311 community and fans, what the day means to them, their plans for the future, new music, and much more! 

Photo by Tanner Grant
"For me, 311 Day, especially on an off-year like this that we're not performing, is a day of gratitude." To think about something that started for fun as a hobby, just 5 friends making music and it's turned in to a community," Said Nick.

They also dive in and talk about their new documentary that's in theaters for 1 night only. 

Photo by Tanner Grant
The film is a testament to 311’s devotion to their fans and largely shot, edited and inspired by dedicated fans of the band. The movie features high-quality concert footage of hits and fan favorites, including “Down,” “Beautiful Disaster” and “Come Original.” The material was filmed at past 311 DAY concerts, 311 Caribbean Cruises, and the 311 Pow Wow Festival.

“Fans have waited 18 years for the third installment of ETSD and we are thrilled to give them the opportunity to unite in theaters across the country to experience it together,” said Trafalgar Releasing SVP of Programming Kymberli Frueh. Get more details HERE.