Get to Know Nicole Alvarez in Episode 1 of "Full Disclosure"

August 21, 2019


So a few years ago I was doing a podcast with my friend Lightning called “Full Disclosure.” After he left, I stopped doing it for 2 reasons: I couldn’t replace him and because time became an issue.

I loved doing it because I got to unleash and talk about my life, the world, my opinions, I felt it was a really cool way for listeners to get to know me and for me to connect with people in relatable ways.

Because we work in radio, we spend a lot of time behind the music and what you listeners know of us, you know by bits and pieces of our personalities that you gather from the few minutes you hear us on the air, in between songs, or from social media.

We are all actually real people that aren’t very different from you or even from each other, but we are all extremely unique and what I bring to the table is my own set of quirks and eccentricities.

I like to be an open book. I like having open and honest dialogue. I like having an opinion and I love making people think.

I have been very overwhelmed with how many listeners have asked me to bring back my podcast “Full Disclosure.” The truth is, I don’t have time right this second in my life, BUT, in the interim, I am going to do “Full Disclosure” a different way.

I am bringing “Full Disclosure” back, once a month, and this time we are going to connect in vlog form. Every month I will post a mini-episode where you get a glimpse inside my head. I will talk about me, the world, music, the bands we love and don’t love, and basically offer you a shot of something to think about. I’ll be the bartender sort to speak.

Let’s have fun, let’s think, let’s laugh about how absurd life is, let’s just do things a little differently.