Emile Hirsch Talks About His Career in Film, Jumping Into Music with Nicole Alvarez

January 9, 2020

Actor Emile Hirsch, known for his roles in Into the Wild and Lords of Dogtown, stopped by KROQ to chat with Nicole Alvarez about his career in film, his new exploration of writing and releasing music, and whether or not he'll ever perform live. 

His career in show business began early, when family members who worked as studio teachers to child actors introduced him and his sister to the idea of acting as an opportunity. Even today, he continues to star on the screen, seen most recently in Quentin Tarantino's award-winning Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

But the transition into making and releasing his own music came naturally. 

When talking about the process of creating his music, Emile details how the creativity comes to him. "A lot of the times when I'll write a song, it's usually just like at my kitchen island table and sometimes I'll bust out with a keyboard or something," he says, mentioning that he can play basic notes and melodies, "Most of the time I'll just be like humming or singing in my head."  

Last fall, Emile released his first album Mnemonic, an '80s synth heavy collection of songs produced with collaborater Mathieu Carratier, under the artist name Hirsch

Mathieu joined the interview to chat about how the working relationship came to be and what the future of their music looks like. 

"[It> just had a quality I really locked onto," Emile said, speaking of the first collaboration they created together, the song "Nervous Wreck" off of Mnemonic

When asked about what comes next for these collaboraters, whether it's more music, scoring movies, touring, Mathieu cheekily answered, "All of it."  

Sounds like there are a lot more musical offerings coming to the table from Hirsch this year! 

Hirsch's newest single, "American Dreamin", is available on all major streaming services now.