Dirty Heads on the Time They Hot-Boxed Chris Martin and Coldplay at Weenie Roast

May 12, 2018

Dirty Heads and Nicole Alvarez (Photo by Lester Cohen/Getty Images for KROQ)


By Scott T. Sterling

SoCal reggae-rockers Dirty Heads are legendary stoners. The Huntington Beach band like to fire it up wherever they go, and the group’s appearance at the 2012 Weenie Roast was no exception.

That was the year that the Dirty Heads’ smoked-out trailer backstage was so pungent that it sent Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin, into something of a contact-high tizzy.

“Our trailer kind of hot-boxed this area, and Chris Martin got all bummed because of all the weed smoke coming out of our trailer and got the Coldplay guys high,” laughed Dirty Heads singer Dustin Bushnell about the memory. “That’s like the crowning achievement of our career.”

It’s a memory the band shared with Nicole Alvarez, who recalled the moment well during her interview with the guys at the 26th Annual Weenie Roast.

“I still have that picture. I post it every Throwback Thursday I can,” Alvarez said.

“We’re sitting here, and (Chris Martin) sits down, and he was fascinated by the earring on my chin,” Alvarez continued. “And then all of a sudden, he was like, ‘what’s that smell?’ He got this look of discomfort on his face, and your trailer door kept opening, and this waft of weed smoke kept coming out. It was one of my favorite moments ever.”

“We have a picture of Chris Martin taken from inside our trailer, where he’s like looking back at us...it’s so good,” Bushnell shared before breaking out laughing.

Dirty Heads are set to launch a nationwide tour on May 18 in Chula Vista, CA, with Iration, The Movement and Pacific Dub in tow. The tour wraps up right back here in Southern California with a June 30 KROQ show at Five Point Amphitheater.