Dennis Lloyd on the Bangkok Love Affair That Inspired ‘Nevermind’

July 26, 2018

By Scott T. Sterling

For Dennis Lloyd’s growing legions of fans, his breakout single, “Nevermind,” is just the beginning of a very intriguing story.

The Tel Aviv, Israel, native wrote the song over the course of a year spent in Bangkok, Thailand, after being discharged from the Israeli army. There, he spent his time working diligently on crafting the Dennis Lloyd sound.

“My parents raised me right,” Lloyd laughed during an exclusive interview with KROQ's Nicole Alvarez, explaining that he was exposed to a healthy diet of classic rock as a child. Weaned on the likes of the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits and Eric Clapton, he started making his own music at the tender age of 8.

According to Lloyd, his “OMG this is really happening moment” came soon after he released “Nevermind” on YouTube.

“Spotify was not available in Israel, so I just released it to YouTube, I made a remix for it, I released it, and it started growing. Twenty thousand, 30,000 views, and I was like, ‘Oh, this is good,’ Lloyd recalled. “I started to get calls from New York and L.A. and the rest of the world saying, ‘What’s up? We want to reach out and work with you.’”

After being advised to get his music on Spotify, “Nevermind” was added to one of the site’s biggest playlists in Germany, and “everything happened,” Lloyd said.

Now that “Nevermind” is making an impact Stateside, the singer shares that the song is about an ex-girlfriend from his time in Bangkok, and a conversation they had while she was traveling early in their relationship.

“She said ‘I’m going out to party and meet some new friends,’ and I was like, jealous,” he laughed.

“I was worried she was going to meet someone else. That’s why I sing, ‘What if I left and it made no sense.’ She’s the one who’s saying it. The song is divided into me being ready for a serious relationship, like I’m ready now. No more bulls---.” The chorus is like her singing.”

The singer also revealed that his next single will chronicle the outcome of the “Nevermind” love story.

“The funny thing is that ‘Nevermind’ was written when we first started dating,” he dished to Alvarez with a raised eyebrow, “and my next single is about how (the relationship) ended.”