The Ataris Lead Singer Survives Crash After High Speed Chase

Kris Roe was hit by a stolen car in Hollywood

December 18, 2018

It sounds like something out of a movie. Police cars in hot pursuit, a violent car collision, guns drawn and the search for life. All of these events unfolded Monday night in Hollywood, not in a studio but on the streets. At the center of it all was Kris Roe, the lead singer of The Ataris.

A stolen Dodge Charger led police on a car chase through Hollywood, ending in a crash with a van driven by "The Boys Of Summer" singer. "He was being chased by multiple police cars, traveling at high pursuit driving recklessly in a supposedly stolen car" Roe posted on Facebook early Tuesday morning. "He slammed straight in into me head on at full speed. He was traveling so fast that he sent my 10 ton Van from the outer left lane into the parking lane."

"I feel lucky to be alive. I am beyond shaken up."

After realizing what had happened, Roe's first concern was his dog Gracie. "Gracie my dog went flying out of her seat and I had to dig through the scattered mess to find her. I located her. I felt her. She felt lifeless" he added. "I thought she must be dead from the impact. It was the most helpless feeling."

"But I couldn't believe it, she was alive! I am in tears thinking about it."

Roe's van filled with smoke, and when he emerged from his van, climbing out through the backseat, police had the scene surrounded with guns drawn. "I am so confused, disoriented, dazed. Just clutching my dog in my arms. Asking her if she is OK, hoping that nothing has been broken in the wreck."

Kris and Gracie are lucky to be alive, and the driver remains in LAPD custody. The van was damaged but they were able to retrieve their instruments intact, according to NBC Los Angeles.

After the horrifying experience, not only was Roe able to walk away, but he got an extra lesson in kindness. "I quickly hurry away from the scene. I sit on a curb where a homeless guy offers me a blanket and a chair. It’s nice to know that compassion exists in this world."

You can read the full Facebook post from Kris Roe below.