Rex Orange County Talks 'Pony', Performs "Loving is Easy" and "10/10" Live from KROQ

The singer chatted with Megan Holiday about his latest album and his busy year.

November 26, 2019

Alex O'Connor, better known by his stage name Rex Orange County, stopped by the KROQ studios for a chat with Megan Holiday about his latest album Pony, what kind of venues he likes to play, and his musical inspirations. He also performed two of his breakout singles - "Loving Is Easy" and "10/10". 

Speaking on the optimistic themes and lyrics in "10/10", Alex remarks that it's a song that is "meant to feel...positive, if anything." 

Even the music video for "10/10" takes on a joyous to the point of surreal quality. "I kind of wanted something that felt just very simple, but also with something more to it," Alex said of the video, which now has over 2 million views on YouTube. 

When speaking about the changes between his last album Apricot Princess and the newest release, Alex spoke to the evolution of his songwriting and how new sources of inspiration have brought him new themes to explore in his music.

"It's not that love songs aren't as serious," he remarked, acknowledging that his latest album explores relationships beyond romantic love, "There's just other things to life to talk about."

Rex Orange County is playing two dates at the Shrine this January and his latest album Pony is available everywhere now.