PVRIS Sits Down With Megan Holiday to Chat About New EP, Favorite Foods on Tour

September 11, 2019

Lynn Gunn, Alex Babinski, and Brian MacDonald of the band PVRIS stopped by the KROQ studios last week to chat with Megan Holiday about their upcoming EP, their first shows in Russia, and their favorite foods to seek out on tour. 

"I think now is a really good time in music...to not be putting things in boxes," Lynn said when addressing the genre-bending nature of their new singles.

When asked about working with Daniel Armbruster from Joywave on single 'Death of Me', Lynn talked about bringing the demo of the song to their sessions."I remember that first day working on it I was like 'This is really special I need to bring this to the right person'," she explained, adding that because they identified similar tones and themes across the two band's music, "It was cool to bring that to him." 

The new EP from PVRIS will be out on October 25th, with a full-length album set for release in February 2020.