CHVRCHES: 'We’re Going to Have to Pull Together'

December 9, 2018

By: Scott T. Sterling

CHVRCHES are playing no games out here.

The Scottish trio have been keeping it realer than usual for 2018—after all, the band’s latest album is called Love is Dead.

“I think we knew it was a more dramatic title than the previous ones, and we definitely talked about it a lot more with people,” frontwoman Lauren Mayberry explained to KROQ joq Megan Holiday at this year’s KROQ's Absolut Almost Acoustic Christmas about the album’s uncompromising moniker. “So I guess that’s good as a conversation starter before you listen to the songs.

“For us, I feel like it would have been disingenuous to just to ignore anything in the rest of the world and how you feel about it, and then just try and write happy clubby love songs,” the singer mused on the subject. “I don’t think that the songs would have been very good. For me specifically, if you don’t mean it and don’t feel connected to it, then it’s going to be… I was going to say a swear word there. Rubbish. It’s going to be rubbish.”

Holiday referenced Mayberry’s master’s degree in journalism, and the impact she can have on the world as a rock star instead of a career in writing..

“I just feel like you should just try and be as honest and genuine as you can while you have it,” Mayberry mused about the pop star platform.

“I think you’re seeing that across the board in all different kinds of music now. Like maybe two years ago, five years ago, people would have been more concerned about getting kicked off the radio or not selling tickets or not getting sponsors in the same way. But now I kind of feel like so many terrible things are happening, that people are like, OK, bets are off. We’re going to have to pull together in this moment because we might just fall into a sinkhole. And I’m including Britain in that, because we’re doing terrible things.”

It’s like we said before—CHVRCHES are deadly serious and playing no games when it comes to what they have to say to fans and the world. Watch the entire thought-provoking interview above.