Photo by Molly Conroy

May 29th Will Officially Be Known as “The Specials” Day

April 24, 2019

By Reanna Hilario

In honor of the British ska band, The Specials, Los Angeles City Council has decided to name May 29th as the official celebratory date for the band.

The Specials first came together in the 1970s in Britain and gained fast popularity with their unique and special mix of punk and reggae sounds. It was also their anti-racist political statements that earned them wide influence. “Now, with racist nationalism on the rise amidst the Brexit debacle, the Specials’ third album — 38 years since the last one, More Specials — is well timed,” Will Hermes wrote in his Rolling Stone review.

According to Rolling Stone, Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez proposed the idea of naming May 29th as “The Specials Day.” She said, “The Specials’ legacy is emblematic of the strength derived from our diversity here in Los Angeles. Their music is an example that embracing our differences and uniqueness makes us more powerful.”

The band reunited for the first time in decades last year with their album, Encore. They’re set to start their tour next month in Seattle and will be making their way to LA at The Novo on June 1.