7 MUST TRY Desserts in SoCal

January 28, 2019

In Collaboration with LAEats

LAeats's has traveled all over southern California to find our MUST TRY desserts in LA. Each dessert is worth traveling to try, so no matter where you are when you read this in SoCal, you can easily use it as a checklist and try all seven.

LA is a town that enjoys more days of sun than most, so it makes cold desserts a great option almost all year round. So whether it's a cold dessert, or one just freshly baked cake or brownie, LAeats has tried every dessert from Burbank to Malibu, and Downtown LA to Orange Country and this city has no shortage of amazing bakeries, cake shops, and more. Along the way, you'll discover some of the best frozen desserts, cakes, pastries, brownies cookies, and more! Our goal is to bring the best desserts to life with each review. Make a list, tell a friend, and turn this 7 must-try desserts into a sweet road trip.

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Pineapple Fo’ Sho Whip Soft Serve (Dairy-Free Soft Serve) “Pineapple & lime blended together to create a dreamy, light and refreshing take on a Disneyland classic”

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#6 - Porto’s Bakery & Cafe - PARISIAN CAKE

A moist, devil’s food chocolate cake, layered, decorated with a light, Parisian cream & finished w/ dark chocolate shavings.

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#5 - Republique - DONUT

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#4 - Friends & Family - CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE

East Hollywood, CA

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#3 - Uncle Paulie’s Deli - CAROL’S CHEESECAKE

EatsFact - Carol’s Cheesecakes are exclusively available at Uncle Paulie’s Deli.

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#2 - Pie 'N Burger - BOYSENBERRY PIE

Shown Al a Mode with French Vanilla Ice Cream

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#1 - Osteria Mamma - TIRAMISU

Los Angeles-Larchmont, CA

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